Northern California Guided Fishing 

The Sac, Feather and Yuba Rivers are well known rivers here in Northern California, but there are hidden gems that we like to keep off the websites hence the name River X.  Weather permitting we willl help make sure you have a great day fishing year around.

Sacramento River

The Sacramento River provides a lot of drinking and agricultural water to California and has evolved into a fantastic fishery.  Trout, stealhead, salmon, striper, shad, carp, bass, sturgeon, are our favorite species to fish for and depending on the time of year we will do our best to put you on some great fishing.

feather river

The Feather River is another river that offers a diverse fishery with salmon, steelhead, and striper being our favorite.  We especially like to chase the steelhead on the fly rod in this great tailwater.

Yuba river

The Yuba River is a special valley river that runs into the Feather River providing some of the best trout fishing in the area.  Dry fly fishing, nymphing, swinging for trout and steelhead on this river can be challenging and change drastically from day to day but this is what keeps us coming back for more.