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Slight tint, mid to high 50s F, low flows (34 cfs).


Fishing is fair to good. Best fishing is above Hangman’s Bridge in the put and take section due to aggressive stocking. Nymphing with October caddis and stoneflies will produce fish in pools and pocket water. In the afternoon a dry with a nymph dropper is a deadly combination in pocket water. An attractor dry with a beadhead nymph will produce fish. For wild trout, fish below Hangman’s Bridge in the catch and release area. Fish will hold out well for the next few weeks.


Grasshopper patternsDave’s hopper, Burk’s spent hopper, bullethead hopper, parachute hopper, kingfisher foam hopper (#8-14). Attractor dries irresistible adams, parachute light cahill, Rio Grande trude, Pink & lime trude, yellow humpy, parachute adams, indicator fly, paralyzer, royal coachman, crystal stimulator, renegade, royal wulff, sierra bright dot, grey wulff (#10-18). River woolly buggers/streamers (listed elsewhere). Attractor beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere). Caddis pupa/ emergers (listed elsewhere).


Moderate fishing pressure on the weekends. Access at Hangman’s Bridge and along Hwy 89. NCDAG pg 90. New CDAG pg. 67.